Our Team


Oliver Becker 

Founder & President


6th Black Belt Shunryu™ Karate

6th Black Belt Shunryu™ Ju-Jitsu

3th Black Belt Kickboxen

2th Black Belt Shotokan Karate (WUKO and IJKA)


Founder of Shunryu™ Martial Arts

Violence Prevention & Self Defense TRAINER

Certified Close Protection Agent, Consultant 

Flunder of SecuKids™ Child Protection

Owner of becker security™ group und President of

International Association of Personal Protection Agents (IAPPA)


Elena Iustus


Child Protection Department 


Supervisor Kids Protection Team SecuKids™ Security Trainer

Close Protection Agent


Trained Specialist

for Protection and Security


Thomas Heise


Security Training Department


Supervisor Operational Services

Close Protection Agent

Security Trainer for 

Special Courses