About us

The Vision


Sensei Oliver Becker started his boxing training early and moved to Shotokan - Karate in 1986. In his professional career as a bodyguard and security staff, however, he lacked essential techniques such as handholds and arrest and abduction techniques, which were missing in classical karate. Oliver Becker extends his training with Ninjitsu, Kickboxing and Ju-Jitsu. He achieved black belts in all martial arts. The vision was to create a style that is particularly suitable for the use of security forces was born.


Shunryu™ Martial Arts


For many years, Sensei Oliver Becker designed a martial art that was effective, real and quick to learn. Shunryu™ Martial Arts, divided into Shunryu™ Karate and Shunryu™ Ju-Jitsu, was born. The training in Shunryu™ Karate is particularly suitable for children, which combines classic elements of karate, with today's necessary content such as violence prevention and security. The Shunryu™ Karate enjoys great popularity with children and parents today, because in Shunryu™ Karate, the focus is on communicating values and individual support of all students and not just talents. Every student should find their own way, because Shunryu™ Karate is a school for life!


In Shunryu™ Ju-Jitsu, the sense lies in the effectiveness of self-defense, regardless of age, gender or other physical differences. Techniques are trained so that they are easy to perform even under high stress. It uses techniques based on natural reflexes and intuitive movements. The Shunryu™ Ju-Jitsu is highly suitable for police forces, soldiers and security personnel, and those who enjoy self-defense.


The Association


After successfully teaching students in "his" martial arts skills for more than 15 years, Sensei Oliver Becker founded the Shunryu™ Martial Arts Association in 2017 to be a partner to all those who want to go their own way and know how want to benefit over 30 years of martial arts. Together we are strong and help people worldwide who need our help. The focus in our joint work lies in self-confident children. In them lies the future and martial arts should help them to become strong and courageous personalities. But also adults who need support and self-confidence - we are here!


Martial arts is a school for life!